Stomach Pain | How can stomach pain be prevented?

stomach pain | How can stomach pain be prevented
stomach pain  How can stomach pain be prevented?

Stomach pain can range from a dull pain to a strong rotation. This can make you feel nauseous, bloated or full. You may have gas or diarrhea, or you may be constipated. It can bother you for a while or for hours.

With so many types of stomach pain, it is no surprise that different things can cause it. Some are out of your control, as if you have appendicitis. But you can change some habits to reduce the likelihood of other types.

wash your hands

A common cause of abdominal pain is gastroenteritis, sometimes called stomach bug or stomach virus. It can cause diarrhea, nausea, fever or headache.

The best way to stop the spread of germs is to wash your hands often, especially before eating, when you go to the bathroom, and when you are in public places.

Manage stress

Some people feel the pressure of their heart or their palms when they are tense or worried. And many people suffer from stomach ache. They can fold their stomach or bind them in the lumps.

The obvious answer is to stay out of stressful situations when you can. Since this is not always possible, you can reduce stress or work with friends like things like exercises, meditation, hobbies. If they do not work, it can be helpful to talk to your doctor or doctor about ways to manage it.

Look what you eat

Fatty, fried or spicy foods can be behind the discomfort of your stomach. They can wreak havoc on your stomach because your body digested them. They can slow down the process and you are more likely to get constipation.

If you eat more nutritious foods, with focus on vegetables and fiber, you will digest things at a healthy pace, and your stomach will thank you.

Change how often you eat

Some people have pain in the stomach between meals, when there is no buffer for acids in your stomach. If this happens, then eat small meals or snacks throughout the day so that your stomach will not remain empty for a long time.

The opposite can also lead to stomachache. If you eat so much that you feel stuffed, then there is a possibility of an injury in your stomach.

slow down

If you take a big passion and eat well without chewing, you can swallow the air, causing gas in your stomach and pain in the stomach. Take time to chew slowly and swallow without interrupting. It also gives your brain time to realize that you are full before eating too much.

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