Relationship : Health Benefits of 5 Wonders of Love

Health Benefits of 5 Wonders of Love
Health Benefits of 5 Wonders of Love
Love and health are interconnected in amazing ways. Humans are wired for the connection, and when we cultivate good relations, the rewards are very high. But we are not necessarily talking about spine-tingling romance.

"The intense, emotional phase of a new romance is beneficial for health, there is no evidence of this", says Harry Rees, co-editor of the Encyclopedia of Human Relations. "Those who fall in love, they say that it looks amazing and amazing at the same time." All those fluctuations can be a source of stress.

To get clear health benefits, it takes a quiet, more stable form of love. "There are very good evidence that those who participate in satisfactory, long-term relationships are better than many types of health measures."

Most researches in this area are focused on marriage, but Reis believes that many perks are related to other close relationships - for example, with a partner, parent or friend. Here are 10 research-supported ways that are related to love and health:

1. Less doctor visits

The Department of Health and Human Services reviewed a thorough study of marriage and health. One of the most important findings of the report is that married people have less visits to the doctor and younger are in the average hospital.

Another theory is that in good relationships, people take better care of themselves. A spouse can keep you honest in oral hygiene. One of the best friends can motivate you to eat more whole grains. Over time, these good habits turn into lesser diseases.

2. Less depression and substance abuse

According to the report of Health and Human Services, marriage and marriage are less likely to cause depression in both men and women. It is not surprising to find out, Reis says, because social isolation is clearly linked to the high rate of depression. Interestingly, there is a reduction in heavy drinking and drug intake at the wedding, especially in young adults.

3. Low blood pressure

Conclusion of a study in Anals of Behavioral Medicine Researchers found that married people had the best blood pressure, after which they were single. Unhappy married participants performed the worst.

Rees says that this study shows an important aspect of how to affect health. "It does not matter from the marital quality and the fact of marriage," he tells WebMD. It supports the idea that other positive relationships can have similar benefits. In fact, singles also did good in studying blood pressure with a strong social network, although not even happily married people.

4. Less concern

When it comes to worry, a romantic, stable relationship is better than new romance. The researchers of Stony Brook of State University of New York used a functional MRI (fMRI) scan to see people's brains in love. They compare emotional new joints with long-term couples strongly related. Both groups showed activism in a part of the brain associated with deep love.

One of the authors of the study, Arthur Aaron, PhD says, "It is a dopamine-reward area, which responds to winning cocaine or a lot of money." But there were striking differences between the two groups in the other parts of the brain. 

5. Natural Pain Control

The FMRI study is another major risk for long-term joints - more activity in that part of the brain that keeps the pain in control. A CDC report supplements this search. In a study of over 127,000 adults, married people were less likely to get headache and back pain.

A small study published in psychological science adds to intrigue. Researchers subjected 16 married women to the risk of electric shock. When the women were holding their husband's hand, they showed little response in the areas of brain related stress. The more successful the marriage will be, the higher the effect.

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