How to Increase Weight : 19 Ways to Increase Weight Growth

How to Increase Weight  19 Ways to Increase Weight Growth
How to Increase Weight  19 Ways to Increase Weight Growth

The biggest myth in today's times is that losing weight is easy to lose weight. A misconception, running for a while, is difficult to gain weight in a healthy way and it is a work for those who are moving towards this journey.

This is because the 'thin' person's size of the stomach is small and hunger is a challenge. Second, even if a thin person is appropriately hungry, where they are involved in all types of food items, they are not able to gain weight. Many times they receive unhealthy fat, which is more dangerous for them than weight gain.
A primary concern for our slim friends is that getting the weight right can be a daunting task for them. That's because, because when they increase the weight, it should be spread evenly in their body and should not only be centered in the stomach area.

There are many reasons which can cause weight loss: inadequate food habits, prolonged food time intervals, bad selection of foods, proper amount of calories and not out, malnutrition of those foods which they currently eat There have been long-term illnesses and suffer from dietary disorders like Anorexia nervosa or Bulimia.

It is important to understand that doing weight properly and not hogging on unhealthy foods is a better option for your body to protect yourself from diseases such as diabetes and thyroid, which can also be found in the closest person in a room. . This is because because of being involved in unhealthy foods, you are also creating a nutritional deficiency, which can lead to lifestyle problems such as thyroid and diabetes.

People who want to gain weight in a healthy way should take care of tips and tricks.

1. People may be underweight due to various reasons

As explained above, it is important to understand your body before starting anything. The first thing is to reach the root of the problem. Knowing why your body is not able to gain weight, it is necessary. Consult your nutritionist and your family doctor to analyze the underlying problem.

2. Increasing healthy weight

As Indians, if we are thin then we are often asked to eat anything else, because there is nothing used in our body '. However, this perception needs to be stopped. Increasing a gradual weight is permanent and healthy. By increasing your daily intake by 500kcal per day your body can gain 0.5 kilograms every week. However, it is entirely dependent on how your body responds to various food items, you gender, current body weight and height.

3. Exercise

One of the biggest mistakes a slim person can make, it is to think that no food will affect his body. Even the thinest body receives a crappy punch and it is important not to fall in this phase. The reason for this is that a punch simply means that the fat inside your body and under the skin is increasing, which is not a healthy sign. In addition, it is also a sign that you can gradually move towards weak muscles. Therefore, it is important to participate in a mixture of exercises that increase cardio, weight training and flexibility every day.

4. Lose weight for lean mass

In other words, it means that the weight of your body, which is not fat. Therefore, the ultimate objective is to increase lean body mass. For this, you have to add a heavy weight gain. It should include exercises such as squats, deadlifts, presses, pull-ups, rows, dips, snatch, clean and jerk. These exercises will help in engaging many muscles while triggering your hormonal response systems.

5. Exercise for beginners

Squat 5x5
Pull-up 5x5
Overhead press 5x5
Squat 5x5
Dedlift 1/2 / 3x5 (Your choice; Deadlifts can be incredibly taxing, and bad habits come with exhaustion, so be careful, sometimes it is better to actually lift heavy loads for a set)
Bench press 5x5
Squat 5x5
Pull up 5x5
Overhead press 5x5
Do this sequence (maybe Monday, Wednesday, Friday) every week and continuously increase weight in each session. Once you are making progress, feel free to add other exercises such as dips or more Olympic lifts.

6. Healthy Diet

The market is full of dietary supplements, which can promise you to gain weight in a short time. But it is important to remember that many of these dietary supplements are full of synthetic nutrients, which can temporarily increase the weight, but can ruin your health permanently. Therefore, consult your nutritionist or family doctor before eating anything. Second, these supplements will only work when your diet is correct. Your body requires the right amount of protein, fat and carbas. Including nuts and dairy products and incorporating the exclusive diet of alcohol will help you get faster results.

7. Healthy Heart and Weight Loss Diet

Most of us make mistakes, which in our effort to gain weight, such foods are eaten that can harm us. We need healthy fats in our body and consuming empty calories filled with unhealthy fat will only impair our health. Therefore, include healthy snacks in your diet. This means that roasted gram such as nuts, dry fruits, fruits, dry snacks, will be very helpful in healthy weight gain. In addition, you may also be involved in multigrain bread, soya stick, humus and peanut butter (which are full of all proteins). Choosing fiber-rich foods will be helpful for you. The most important thing to remember is that your appetite should grow gradually.

8. Eat less

Another big myth for thin people, which should be properly busted, consuming more amounts of food to gain weight. Consuming heavy amounts of junk food and assuming that your body is stupid. The best way to know about weight gain is to share your food with small pieces so that unhealthy snacking can be avoided. It is a good option to go for those foods, which are nutritious and calorie than those foods that are full of unhealthy calories.

9. Engaging in the right way

As mentioned earlier, enjoyment should be done in the right way. While traveling on any fitness trip, whether we lose weight or not, our ears will be filled with a variety of ideas. There is such an opinion for the thin people that they can eat as many sweet foods as possible. This will not only increase the fat of the intestines (the fat surrounding your organs), but also the lack of nutrients from other foods in our body. The biggest concern for a thin person is to get fat in the wrong areas.

10. Include vegetables and meats

Vegetables and meat are rich sources of protein, minerals and fiber. These are essential for the person who weighs the weight. Adding vegetables and meat will also help you stay away from unhealthy snacks because they help prevent hunger pains. We need to provide enough proteins for the hormone to synthesize our body.

11. Eat healthy fat

The best way to include healthy fats in your diet is with eating egg yolk, animal fat, coconut oil and other healthy fats. Including fruits such as bananas and spodila will also help. However, they should be consumed in small quantities.

12. Increase protein intake

Despite being thin or fat or healthy, ideal consumption for any body is 1 gram / kg. This is a basic requirement which should be completed on a daily basis. This will not only curb your unnecessary hinge pings that make you hog on unhealthy foods, but it also helps you to maintain healthy body weight with lean body. Proteins are the building blocks of our body and if your body gets annoyed, it will never be able to achieve its best health. Including vegetables such as tofu, paneer, chicken and spinach will help you consume your daily protein.

13. Eat foods that help you gain weight

There are natural foods that increase your weight effectively. It is necessary to include foods rich in healthy fat content. You can include fish such as tuna and salmon, natural fruit juice, whole wheat bread and Indian flat bread.

14. Calorie Foods

There are two different types of calories: empty and healthy. Empty calories are those we get from processed foods and liquids, while healthy calories are those we get from natural foods like vegetables and fruits. Some examples are cheese, oil, banana, homemade butter like peanuts and almond butter.

15. Daily Tip

To gain weight, it is advisable to stick to some basic things. For example, do not load your plate with unnecessary food items such as chocolate bars and canned juice, just gain weight quickly. Including healthy calorie foods like curd will help you gain weight slowly but permanently. Including three to four servings of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis will not only help you to stop your appetite for unhealthy foods, but also provide you with the necessary nutrients.

16. Supplements for weight gain

Dietary supplements include tablets, powders and capsules. These can be protein powder, food replacement times, multivitamin and so on. As mentioned earlier, any of these should be consumed only after consulting your doctor or nutrition specialist. Dietary supplements can cause various issues such as vomiting and diarrhea. Even though they are needed in today's time, it is always better to consult specific products.

17. Eating Habits

Eating a healthy diet and eating 3 unhealthy foods will only slow the process for you and threaten your health. There are some basics to remember: To improve digestion, chew your diet properly, avoid caffeinated drinks and excessive consumption of alcohol because it hinders the absorption of nutrients, monitors its weight and Your food items are cooked with beneficial options for your health.

Unhealthy habits to gain unhealthy weight

As mentioned above, there are misconceptions about having 'healthy' in thin or thin people. Being healthy means being fat for the thin people and not the opposite. Some bad habits that you have to erase immediately:

1) Skipping breakfast
2) Eating at odd times
3) Go to Crash Diet
4) Too much junk food
5) Dump food due to peer pressure
6) lack of sleep

19. Last result

At the end of the day, your ultimate objective should be to gain weight, in which your body is made tow and curved in the right places. As a thin person, if you are increasing the weight around your stomach area, then there is an issue. This process can be very slow because the absorption of food in slim people is slow, therefore, being patient is important. To track your performance, click on your first image and click one after your first 3 months.

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