Cough and cough medicine

Cough and cough medicine
Cough and cough medicine

A cough, also known as Tucis, is a voluntary or involuntary action that cleanses the alien particles, microbes, irritability, fluid and mucus throat and respiratory tract; This is the rapid expulsion of the air from the lungs.

What is cough?

There are three stages of cough:

1) Inhale (inhalation).
2) An increase in pressure in the throat and lungs with vocal cords.
3) An explosive release of air when the vocal wire opens, gives cough its distinctive sound.

If someone coughs too much, then it can be a sign of a disease. Many coughs are due to infectious diseases, such as common cold, but also non-infectious causes. We look at some possible reasons in the next section.


Most cough is caused by a virus and becomes clean without treatment.

Causes of acute (ephemeral) cough

In most cases, the infection occurs in the upper respiratory tract and affects the throat, it is known as a URTI or URI (upper respiratory tract). examples include:

1) Flu
2) Common colds
3) larangitis

If this is the LRTI (lower respiration in the respiratory system), the lungs are infected, and / or the airways come down from the airway. examples include:

1) Bronchitis
2) Pneumonia

An acute cough may also be due to fever

Causes of chronic (chronic) cough

Due to an old cough can be:

1) Smoking
2) Snuff dripping from the nose (nose drip)
3) GERD (Gastro-isophageal reflux disease)
4) Asthma
5) Some medicines (e.g., ACE inhibitors)

Chronic cough in children is often due to asthma, but can also be caused by nasal drip or GERD conditions.

Common causes of chronic cough in adults include TB (tuberculosis), lung fungal infection and lung cancer.


If a doctor decides that cough is due to normal cold or flu, then general advice would be to drink enough fluids and complete your course. In most cases, such cough is cleared after 1-2 weeks.

Cough caused by a viral infection, which persists for more than a few weeks, will probably require medical attention.

The doctor may order some clinical trials, such as chest X-rays; A sample of phlegm can be sent for analysis in a laboratory so that it can be determined to determine the cause of infection.

The patient can be asked to breathe in and out of the tube attached to the machine; This helps the doctor to determine whether there is obstruction in the airway (this test is called spirometry), which is common in asthma or emphysema.

If asthma is diagnosed, then the patient can be given asthma medication.

Occasionally, a doctor can send the patient to the lungs or ears, nose and throat (ENT) specialist.


The best way to treat cough caused by a viral infection is to deal with the immune system - usually, such cough is automatically cleaned.

If a doctor is treating cough, they will focus on the cause; For example, if it is due to ACE blocker, then it can be closed.

Codins, dextromethorphins, and other cough suppressors are often used by coughing people.

However, there is not much research in cough medicines and they can actually reduce symptoms.

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